Hello in there!

This site is intended to make you acquainted with the following published works.  

I'm also responsible for the cover photographs and offer these explanations. 

For Introverts Dedicated To Chaos, the dive noted as Pot 'O Gold was a bar in downtown LA 35 years ago that housed the misery of my fellow students at the USC Air Pollution Control Institute.  It seemed apropos to solve pollution in this manner.  

For The Cosmic Finger, the photo is of Rick Lennox, my oldest friend who needed to concisely explain how life in SoCal was going at that time.  These original photographs were eventually stolen by an unsharing profiteer who turned them into posters which hung for a time in a number of restrooms in Ventura, California.  I don't believe there's a statute of limitations insofar as revenue sharing goes and now with this site such guilty profits may be remitted.  In an old shabby darkroom I sandwiched negatives and so displayed our pact with The Cosmic Finger.  Theoretically this pact never ends.  

For Dog Falling, the shaman masks are largely Javan in origin and this cover shot was from a display wall in a store called Cargo in the Pearl District, Portland, Oregon. 

For Sub Rosa, I'm splayed in the only alley in McMinnville, Oregon because super-imposed images allow this.  The symbolic intent should not be lost to anyone with a mid-life crisis, or in the case of the protagonist, a series of them unabashedly bemoaning a love long gone.

Finally for The New York Black & White Blue State Poems, a collection of liberal verse, the location is Rockefeller Center which on the surface may be considered an error in artistic license.  The smallest photo is of yours truly posed next to a golf cart on the Isla de Mujeres.  

New in '17: CLAM-MAN VOL. 1: Confessions From The Last Person You Were Caught Dead With.  A collection of re-furbished cartoons, watercolor/ink panels and artifacts empathizing with current conditions of human angst.
Dan Homeres 
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